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I am husband to a wonderful wife, and father to 3 wonderful children.

Career TimeLine:

  • In 1995, I had entered the U.S. Navy as an Interior Communications Technician on board the U.S.S. Barry DDG-52. Most of my training at this time, was in electronics, navigation, and alarm systems, including pneumatic-gyroscopic systems. It was very good training, and I really enjoyed my job, my ship, and my shipmates. But, as most people who left the military say…”The military lifestyle wasn’t for me”.
  • In 1999, I left the U.S. Navy as an E-5(SW) to start on my IT career. I started out as a Desktop Systems Technician at Bass Pro Shops main HQ in Springfield, MO. This was my first job in the IT department. Most of my knowledge gained from the job was in Windows NT 4.0 and Desktop hardware experience. I studied and received my A+ and Network+ certifications there.
  • In 2001, I felt that my desktop career was getting stagnant. You can only install an O.S. or repair a HDD so many times before you start getting tired of it. It was then that Decorative Concepts, Inc hired me on as a Network Administrator for one of their locations. I worked at Teters Floral Products as their Network Administrator for 2 years. It was then that I got experience in DNS, DHCP, Cisco, Server hardware, and networking.
  • In 2003, I was promoted from Network Administrator, to Corporate Network Manager for Decorative Concepts. They moved me to their HQ in Cincinnati, OH, where I managed all aspects of the network and systems. I got extremely familiar with LAN and WAN switching and routing, VPN concepts, and Active Directory. Pushing myself to the limits, I pretty much implemented, maintained, and managed all locations with the help of my very knowledgeable team.
  • in 2006, I received an offer from SVP Worldwide (Singer, Viking, Pfaff sewing) to be their U.S. Network Manager for the North America network. I am very pleased with the position, and was moved to Nashville, TN to manage the networks. My travels are extensive and includes Sweden, Canada, and Continental U.S.
  • In 2010, I was promoted to Global Network Manager, and responsible for the worldwide network infrastructure and systems.

My technical interests include LAN switching and routing (Cisco/HP/Juniper), Cisco/Juniper VPN and Firewall security, Linux operating systems, and to an extent, Microsoft operating systems. I love programming in Java and Python, but most of my time is now spent on IT Operations.  My current passion (which will no doubt change shortly) is in SDN, network automation systems and management systems using tools such as Ansible and HP Intelligent Management Center.   Because of my programming, networking, and collaboration passions, DevOps is a great term for me.  I love diagramming and workflow to describe my thoughts to others, and the bigger the whiteboard, the happier I am.

If it’s technical in nature, I pretty much have a passion for it.  I am also a “thinker”.  This means, I have more ideas in my head, than I can accomplish, which results, inevitably, in unfinished projects.  Mostly unfinished “home” projects, that my wife loves to remind me about.  But, a “thinker” none-the-less.  At work, only a fraction of my ideas actually get implemented.

So, why the nickname, “Neelixx”?  Well, this is back in the mid-to-late 90′s, when dial-up ISP’s and Star Trek Voyager was current.  He is the Talaxian character, who was always different, but loved listening to people and had a good heart.  And, at times, was quite wise.  I’d like to think that is me…… I said *think*…… ((grin))

But, that character is spelled, “Neelix”.  Why do you use two x’s?  Because someone already registered that name somewhere, and I wanted to be different.  It just kinda stuck.

I love meeting new people, and “talking shop”. Please don’t hesitate to send me an email to introduce yourself. You can contact me at:

neelixx -/at/- myteneo -/dot/- net

God Bless, and push your knowledge to the limits!!!

Aaron Paxson (aka Neelixx)

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