The use-case for PoE thin clients

2 months ago, I started a project to move forward with Virtual Desktops at my company.  Obviously, one of the components of that is the thin clients.  Who to use?  Why?  The industry seems to be swarming with them.  Wyse, HP, NComputing, IGEL, 10zig, etc.  So, it becomes a tough call.

A discussion started about someone being at Citrix Synergy 2012 and saw a full PoE display and client!  I was floored! Why?  To run a 19″ display WITH the client AND USB, and under 15 watts?  That sounds unheard of.  And, to be frank, I didn’t believe it until I saw it for myself.  Once I saw it, a twitter discussion was not long after that.

As I was talking to an NComputing guy about the sexiness of the HP T410, he then made the comment that no one really made a use-case for this type of product.  Really?  You can’t see it?  Well, here are my reasons why this is just too cool for words:

  1. Greater Control – You will never need to ask the user to unplug the client’s power.  You can do it.  No need to ask anymore.
  2. Disaster Recovery – If your building goes dark due to a power outage, your UPS and/or generator for your equipment room will continue to power the devices.
  3. Cheaper Move/Add/Changes – No need to call an electrician to run new electrical conduits.  Just drop a Cat5.  You are done!  Moving offices?  Your team can handle it, without the added expense or time for electricians.
  4. Longetivity – By removing the power brick from the device, you are removing one more part to be faulty, or become loose.  Therefore, the device *should* have a longer MTTF.
  5. Cheaper Power -  A desktop running at 15W instead of 250W?  Can you imagine the power savings if you did all of your desktops this way?

If you want to know more about the HP t410, Chris has done a really nice writeup at

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