My Twitter Ethic

I was recently asked, "What makes me follow someone on Twitter?"  That took me longer to think, as I wasn't really expecting it.  I don't have a formula or anything, so I thought I'd just write down my thoughts and explain them the best I could: Have a decent profile If I do not know you, the first thing that will tell me who you are is your profile.  If you have a profile like "I don't do everything, but what I do is good" is a sure-fire reason for me to move on.  That was less than useful and you just wasted 15 seconds for me.  Have a decent profile.  It can be both fun and useful, lik...

Some of my favorite Mountain Lion Features

Apple has released another Macintosh OSX version, called Mountain Lion (10.8.x).  I'm not the only one getting it.  Apple released that by July 31, over 3 million downloads were completed, making it "the most successful release in Apple's history".  I'll admit, I'm not seeing too many features in this one.  Sure, there are lots, but nothing that really affects me per se.  There are a small few, which I'll outline here. They have certainly deviated a little bit from the version naming nomenclature when releasing new versions.  Most major releases that you pay f...