HP Eats Own Dog Food to Prove Moonshot

During the keynote at HP Discover 2014, Meg Whitman goes on to tell the story about HP Moonshot.  The hp.com website receives a staggering 300M hits per day.  In order to run at that scale, it took 25 cabinets of servers to handle those requests. Enter Moonshot.  HP claims that using Moonshot servers uses 89% less energy, 80% less space, and 97% less complex.  However, those claims are hard to swallow, so they set out to prove it.  They migrated their entire web farm to Moonshot servers, decreasing their datacenter footprint from 25 cabinets down to 3 cabinets, and, as HP put it in the keyn...

HP Announces New High-Performance Compute Platform

All day, near the High-Performance booth at HP Discover 2014, there is a shrouded case wrapped with a big red ribbon, similar to what you would see on the "new car" gifts in movies that never happens. "Wait until the Keynote" says everyone. During the Keynote, a quick video (less than a minute) was played showing the new system on a platform while new-age fenced arms slowly expanded out, displaying inches of the new system every second.  Lots of drama, music, and cinematography as you would see in a Sci-Fi movie. Apollo.  The new system for re-defining high-performancing computer in a...

Using OpenGear Console server with SSH

There are lots of terminal servers out there.  You can build your own with linux, you can build your own with routers, and you can use console server appliances. I used to build my own.  Either I would have a spare router handy, or I would just use a Linux box with ser2net installed.  However, I have come to truly appreciate and enjoy OpenGear's console servers.   I am using OpenGear's IMX 4200 product line.  Either the 16-, the 32-, or the 48-port, depending on how dense of an environment I'm running.  The beauty of using a console server, is that you can s...

Servers aren’t for big business anymore

When people talk about servers, they visualize either the massive boxes with tons of processors, or a large chassis with many individual servers. Servers for small businesses usually mean a large desktop or workstation with large drives. Until now. During HP Discover, Dave Donatelli showcased HP’s line of SMB servers to help them use a solid and stable hardware platform at an affordable price. One of the servers is so small and affordable, Donatelli referred to it as “baby’s first datacenter”, implying you can buy it for your children. The HP MicroServer is small and quiet enough to fit on...

Installing HP iMC with remote SQL Server

When installing HP Intelligent Management Center, you have a choice on where to store your data. If you are on a Windows system, your options are SQL Server or Oracle. When installing on a Linux system, your options are MySQL or Oracle. Initially, my install was on a Linux system (CentOS), for reasons beyond the scope of this post. I installed MySQL and setup all the configurations as defined in HP’s “MySQL 5.5 Installation and Configuration Guide (for Linux)” guide. Everything worked great. MySQL server was up and running, and I was able to connect to it with other tools. But, iMC would n...

HP Gen8 Proliant Servers

The HP Proliant servers never cease to amaze me, on each generation they release. Many moons ago, the Proliant’s were just like other servers. People chose them, because of their stability and support, but, they didn’t really impress me. They had SCSI arrays, like everyone else. Advanced memory and faster bus speeds like other servers were common. To me, the Proliant’s were only competing in doing what the “other guys”, were doing, just better. Fast forward to today. The Proliant Generation 8 servers are nothing less than phenomenal. Now, a small disclaimer here. I’m not a “Server Guy”, in...