McAfee Email Gateway and Domino

We are recently reviewing the McAfee Email Gateway (MEG) appliance against our existing Barracuda Email Gateway appliance.   One of the tasks was to put in Recipient Validation.  You know.... where we make sure the email is valid before allowing it through.  Otherwise, why have your email servers to do all that processing for a mail address that doesn't exist? The LDAP query built into MEG is ok.  Very basic.  It just checks for the primary address of a Person class.  The problem is, it does not check for: Email Aliases applied to a Person document Group/Distribution email addresses ...

Intel E5-2600 Processor

On Tuesday, I participated in a dinner event hosted by Intel and Prosys. It is always fantastic to meet new people in the area that have the same passion as me, in technology. It was, surprisingly, a small event. Only about a dozen people (not including the hosts), were there. Still, geek-talk and laughter filled the room. Intel recently announced (March 6, 2012) it’s new Xeon E5-2600 family processor. Just another processor, right? Well, sort of. But the announcement was nothing short of enhancements. Early on, Intel realized that they can only push the limits of Physics so far, though, I...