Converged Systems – HP OneView

HP Tech Day was a great success. The discussions and presentations centered around HP’s converged systems. Probably the presentations that received the most attention and interaction was around HP OneView and VDI. The beginning of the day started well and included presentations about the benefits of converged systems and then a future planning of the use for converged systems. HP OneView HP OneView is becoming the standard provisioning and management package for HP’s end-to-end solutions in the datacenter. From networks to servers to storage, OneView allows you to monitor and enjoy simplifie...

HP Eats Own Dog Food to Prove Moonshot

During the keynote at HP Discover 2014, Meg Whitman goes on to tell the story about HP Moonshot.  The website receives a staggering 300M hits per day.  In order to run at that scale, it took 25 cabinets of servers to handle those requests. Enter Moonshot.  HP claims that using Moonshot servers uses 89% less energy, 80% less space, and 97% less complex.  However, those claims are hard to swallow, so they set out to prove it.  They migrated their entire web farm to Moonshot servers, decreasing their datacenter footprint from 25 cabinets down to 3 cabinets, and, as HP put it in the keyn...

HP Announces New High-Performance Compute Platform

All day, near the High-Performance booth at HP Discover 2014, there is a shrouded case wrapped with a big red ribbon, similar to what you would see on the "new car" gifts in movies that never happens. "Wait until the Keynote" says everyone. During the Keynote, a quick video (less than a minute) was played showing the new system on a platform while new-age fenced arms slowly expanded out, displaying inches of the new system every second.  Lots of drama, music, and cinematography as you would see in a Sci-Fi movie. Apollo.  The new system for re-defining high-performancing computer in a...

HP IMC Topology Views

The topology screens on HP's Intelligent Management Center can be fun, informative, and very intuitive for lower-skilled technicians.  Granted, I'm not one for alot of eye-candy.  Having graphical representations on a wall or screen is not very informative for me personally.  I'd rather see an alarm or event listing.  But, from a technical support standpoint, it's useful to give support personnel a high-level overview of the entire network (or, at least, a view of their respective responsibilities). IMC has multiple levels and views for Topology: Datacenter Topology - This topology view...

The HP PS1810 Switch

Here, I am testing the HP PS1810.  It looks like there are 2 types:  The PS1810-8G and the PS1810-24G.  The largest difference is that the 8G switch has 8 ports and 1 PoE port.  The 24G switch has 24 ports with 2 SFP ports.  Also, the 8G switch can be either wall/desk mounted or physically stacked with other MicroServers, but the 24G switch must be mounted, either via rack, wall, or rubber feet.  But both have the same features. The HP PS1810 is a fully managed switch, but getting access is not exactly easy, as they don't provide any console ports.  But,...

HP Comware – Can’t Backspace in iTerm

Here's an annoying little nugget of knowledge:  If you find yourself telnet'ing into a comware device (in my case, an HP 5820 switch), and you can't backspace a character, don't try to change your terminal emulation.  It's not that.    Technically, you just need to do a "CTRL + H" to do it.  Annoying, right?  Well, here's how you fix it in iTerm.  Create a profile for the Comware switches.  Choose the "Keys" tab, and select "Backspace sends ^H".   Thanks for that HP.  I'm sure there is a really good and justifiable reason for this. &...

Custom Functions for HP IMC

One of the best features of HP's Intelligent Management Center is not that it's modular and can do so many different things.  It's not that it's scalable, and can handle tens of thousands of managed devices.  It's not even it's alarming and event system.  No, the best feature of HP's IMC, is that you can do things that it wasn't programmed to do. Take this use case for example.  As a network administrator, you are constantly being blamed for poor access into the network.  After drinking 3 cups of coffee and reviewing everything at your desk, you see nothing wrong. ...

HP Anywhere – Enterprise Mobility

  Fig 1 - HP Anywhere flow Some time ago, HP’s software team was challenged with a task to manage up to 100,000+ mobile devices for a company. These devices needed secure access to business data and it’s apps, and allow the company to remotely wipe the device without affecting personal data. A significant challenge, and one that the group was not going to back down on. The customer? HP. Their own internal IT department needed a better way to manage mobile devices.   The solution is a common one. Build a container on the phone, and block any access from native applicat...

Servers aren’t for big business anymore

When people talk about servers, they visualize either the massive boxes with tons of processors, or a large chassis with many individual servers. Servers for small businesses usually mean a large desktop or workstation with large drives. Until now. During HP Discover, Dave Donatelli showcased HP’s line of SMB servers to help them use a solid and stable hardware platform at an affordable price. One of the servers is so small and affordable, Donatelli referred to it as “baby’s first datacenter”, implying you can buy it for your children. The HP MicroServer is small and quiet enough to fit on...

HP Discover Tentative Schedule

Below is my tentative schedule for HP Discover.  If you are looking for me, there is an 85% chance I'll be in the below events/sessions.  It's going to be one full week for me, if I ever get out of the airport. Some are HP Sessions, and others are coffee talks with leading experts.  I enjoy the coffee talks, but the sessions are practical usage.  I'm still waiting to get in to the HP Insight management with VMware VCenter 5.1, but that has been at capacity (both classes) for weeks.  :(  Oh well. I've been on standby all day in Nashville.  Part of it was...