Listing, Iterating, and Loading JSON in Ansible Playbooks

I just had to work with JSON in Ansible, and iterate through some data. It took me a few efforts of debugs before I got it, so putting it here for posterity, in hopes to help someone else. Eventually, my Ansible playbook will be making a RESTful call to pull the data. So, to start, I put the example JSON data the call would get into a file. I called the file “data.json” and put it in the same directory as my playbook. . ├── data.json └── json_iter.yml 0 directories, 2 files My example data.json looks like this: {"webInfLib":[{"contextRoot"...

Using Ansible to deploy Juniper configurations

Automation is a growing technology in enterprise IT departments.  The ability to automate hundreds of steps for developing, building, deploying, and scaling applications and servers is a huge win for many of our fellow engineers.  Both DevOps and SysOps are loving the new power that it brings.  But, what about NetOps?  Is there any love there?  Well, there is now, thanks to a few developers at Juniper Networks, Ansible, and others. In this video, I will show you how to deploy a configuration to Junos devices using Ansible.  The configuration is just a simple single-line configuration, but I...

Converged Systems – HP OneView

HP Tech Day was a great success. The discussions and presentations centered around HP’s converged systems. Probably the presentations that received the most attention and interaction was around HP OneView and VDI. The beginning of the day started well and included presentations about the benefits of converged systems and then a future planning of the use for converged systems. HP OneView HP OneView is becoming the standard provisioning and management package for HP’s end-to-end solutions in the datacenter. From networks to servers to storage, OneView allows you to monitor and enjoy simplifie...

IT Automation vs IT Orchestration

The Auto Blogger
From time to time, I continually hear these two terms used interchangeably.  Most of the time, the terminology works and the audience still understands.  However, a few times, I feel the terms are used incorrectly, and I thought I would explain my thoughts on why they are different.  I do believe that there is a difference between the two. In the IT realm, automation is becoming more and more prevalent.  Network Engineers are becoming more apt to learning languages like TCL and Python to automate mundane and tedious tasks.  Take, for example, taking a switchport to an isolated VLAN.  Let'...