Upgrade HP Switch using Intelligent Management Center

Earlier this year, I had a need to upgrade 2 HP 5406's.  These switches (commonly used as aggregate switches) are used as a central core for an office of approx 500 nodes.  These switches are used in redundancy using MSTP and OSPF.  The below video shows how easy it was to upgrade the equipment. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeiGpfmj8BM[/youtube]

I purchased my first HP Switch!

On Sept 12, I posted a tweet saying that I purchased my first HP Switch.  Obviously, this caused some discussion between the HP lovers, and the Cisco loyalists (okay, that's an exaggeration).  In this post, I hope to communicate to you *why* I chose to purchase 2 HP 5406's, even though I'm working on my CCIE and I have Juniper EX's running around. First, let's talk about the current environment.  I have an office that is running a Cisco 4510E with redundant 220 power supplies and dual sup's.  This switch is acting as both an aggregate switch as well as a collapsed backb...