Stupid Helpdesk System

Okay, it’s time to rant a little bit. Not too long ago, my company purchased a helpdesk system to help them track their trouble-tickets and trends. A great idea, and one that most business should be using.


Unfortunately, the product they chose is named Prop Web helpdesk. Why is this a problem. Well, for starters, I’ve just not been in the habit to use software for a LARGE and ENTERPRISE-grade business, that when you run a search for it, the top results comes from SHAREWARE sites. Don’t get me wrong, it will work great for those companies that have less than, say, 50 employees, but any greater than that, it SUCKS!


They have no idea what a normalized database structure is. They have the same field names in multiple tables, none of which, link to a common table. 3rd-party integration is completely out-of-the-question, unless their developers (I think they are up to 3 now) develop the interface. And reporting on it, just plain sucks. Oh, and if you want to run the software, you’ll have to invest in ColdFusion! Blehh.


Maybe if I have the time, I’ll post an addendum to this post, on the actual reasons for my thoughts ( I do have them, honest. I’m not just ranting for no reason) later, if I have the time. Right now, I just need to get things done.


To their defense, I am talking about PropWeb Helpdesk 6.x. Their 7.x screenshots seem to make it look better, but at this point, how good can it be, other than good eye-candy?


To be honest, I’m going to have a difficult time migrating our existing tickets and history to our Swedish helpdesk system, using AdventNet. It’s much better than PropWeb, and if you were following my NetFlow post comments prior to moving my blog, you’ll recall we discussed AdventNet’s NetFlow product too.


SIDENOTE: I’m not talking bad about those that made the decision to purchase it.  It’s a cheap software that gets the job done.  I’m talking bad about the company that created the product, and to release something better.

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