Starting Juniper Certs? There’s an app for that!

For those starting on your Juniper journey into certifications, Juniper Networks has created a fantastic app for your Apple Devices to help you prepare for your entry-level exams.  But, you droid users out there aren’t left out.  Called “JUNOS GENIUS”, this app helps you determine if you are ready for entry-level exams.  JNCIA is the base exam that all other certifications require, building on concepts and foundations of the Junos Operating System.  Building up from that, are the “Specialist” exams.  In Cisco parlance, they would be the equivalent to the CCNA certifications.

Juniper released a new version of the app to include the Service Provider exam.

  • JNCIA – Juniper Networks Certified Associate (JUNOS)
  • JNCIS-Ent – Juniper Networks Certified Specialist (Enterprise Route/Switch)
  • JNCIS-SEC – Juniper Networks Certified Specialist (Security/Firewall)
  • JNCIS-SP – Juniper Networks Certified Specialist (Service Provider) – NEW!

Each time you open the app, it will give you a randomized question from the JNCIA test.  At first, I was annoyed by this, but over time, there are the little things I tend to forget, so it’s been kinda nice to get that little “reminder”.

There are a few ways to use the app.  The first way is the most obvious…. as an exam cram.  Various questions from sections of the exam are asked, and you must answer them correctly.  Easy enough.  Should you get fairly proficient in the questions, you can start challenging instructors.

When you challenge an instructor, it’s a timed test.  But, after a pass from each section, you are given a virtual device, which you can add to the “networks”.  Pass enough sections, and your network grid will start growing into a complex network of various network devices.

If you are studying or working towards any of these certs, I highly recommend this free app.


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