ServiceDesk Plus iPhone app

Just checking out the iPhone app that ManageEngine published for ServiceDesk Plus.  For those that may not know, I've been an avid ServiceDesk Plus user.  Ever since I, apparently, was handed Helpdesk operations for my company, I have done unique and beneficial things using their software.

I use it for time tracking in the entire IT Department, for project management, problem and change management, and even tracking software & assets.  I have been really impressed with their app and how it has taken shape over the last few years.  I'm currently building a plugin for my NMS to create/update/close tickets based on "interesting" alarms.

Now, if I can only get them to merge the Tasks and Requests view in a single pane.  Obviously, it would take nothing less than an act of God, as it has had a Feature ID assigned to it for over a year (at least).  It's not that difficult.  I have to keep stopping myself from just building a view to show both of them, myself.

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