Reason For Outage Report

Key ResourceWhen working in groups, sometimes you need to update management as to large problems.  Emails work, but usually different people get different pieces of information, and there is no consistency.  Because of this, an RFO Report (Reason For Outage) is used to identify the problem that happened, that impact it had, and the root cause of it, so it doesn’t happen again.

Using this report, you can send it out to anyone that needs it.  Depending on the person reading it, all the information they need should be included.  If not, you are welcome to modify it to your needs.

If you are a large business shop, chances are, you already use this or have a process in place.  Smaller shops, such as SMB’s, may not have any process in place.  For those that don’t, I have written up a small Microsoft Word-based Template to help you update your management team on some of the more important items.

You should remove all text in the form boxes for your template.  I only included the text to help you see how to fill out the form.  I hope this helps you.

Reason For Outage Report

Keys image courtesy of Brenda Clark, and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.o
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