Looking forward to HP Discover 2013


HP Discover is a fantastic event.  I’m not kidding!  It is absolutely remarkable! You don’t have to be an avid HP-lover to attend.  It’s not a requirement.  But the technology, information, and people at these events ARE NOT to be missed!  Not only does HP put on a massively impressive show, but I am ALWAYS geek’ing out with… well…. If I say “talented” people, I would be at a loss.  They are beyond talented, and I learn so much at this event!



Truth be told, I probably would not attend this event on my own.  I couldn’t afford it, and my company has better things to do than invest in some convention, when technology is not their business.  However, this year, I’m being sponsored because I’m also a speaker.  



Yep!  How cool is that?! Lindsay Hill (@northlandboy) and myself will be teaching a class on extending HP’s network management system called “Intelligent Management Center”.  I would put this side-by-side with Solarwind’s Orion (and in some ways, it’s better).  Why talk about it?  Well, people need to know how to do things on equipment other than HP.  So, we will show you how to extend the system to include 3rd party manufacturers.  More specifically, Lindsay will show you how to get the system to backup a Fortinet device, and I will show how to set Port Security on a Juniper device.




Chris Young will also talk about the eAPI aspect, which I have blogged about previously.  Using the eAPI, I was even able to get Cisco UCCX phone system to tell me my current alarms.  Why?  I dunno.  I just sounded cool.  To see if I could, I guess.


Other sessions I’m looking forward to?  Well, I’m on a wait list, but I was really hoping for the 2 hour lab session “H0L2659 – Integration of HP Insight Control 7.2 and VMware vSphere 5”.  But mostly BYOD and HP Insight sessions.


If you are going to be around, shoot me a tweet! I’ll either be in a session or chilling at the Blogger Lounge!  


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