Juniper Gear – Got some work to do

Juniper gear just arrived last week.  I know, I know… many of you are saying, “so what?” or “Big deal”.  You might even say, “I setup and eat QFabric for breakfast”.  I say, “good for you”.  But for guys like me who are still learning Juniper, it’s an exciting time.  Baby steps, and all.

So, that’s 5 Juniper 2200′s.  Upgrading some wiring closets from old Cisco gear and building a better topology and speeds.  There are also 3 SRX’s that will be replacing Cisco ASA’s.  Well, 2 clustered, and one in a lab.  

If you have been following my blog, you’ll notice that I am probably getting a bit eccentric, and erratic when it comes to networking.  I’m going for my Cisco certification (CCIE), but I’ve purchased HP gear for my core and 10gig, and Juniper for my access-layer and firewalls.  What is this guy doing?

Well, I do have reasons.  Some are costs, others are features, but both are best for the company.  

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