Interview of HP’s Saar Gillai on SDN

During HP Discover 2012, I’ve been asking various HP divisions on the plans HP has for an OpenFlow controller.  The reason?  For the last 18 months, I’ve noticed that every HP event mentions SDN and OpenFlow.  Why?  Just adding support for a technology is not a big deal.  One, maybe two announcements, and you are done.  Why so much talk about it?  Surely this means that HP has big plans for it.

The answer I get back is, “What would you do with one today?”.  Well, nothing, TODAY.  The enterprise doesn’t really have a need for it yet.  But that’s just redirecting my question.  I don’t care what the controller looks like, whether it’s in iMC, an appliance, or a hybrid.  So much talk around SDN…. surely HP will do more, right?  Otherwise, why keep talking about it?

So, where do you go now, HP?  The controller would be the next logical step.  Yes, HP has done some very cool things called “VAN”s (Virtual Application Networks) within the iMC, which I will post about soon.  But, that’s a small nugget of the overall SDN pie.

During HP Discover 2012, Stu Miniman (@stu) from interviewed Saar Gillai on the concepts and direction of SDN as it is seen from an HP perspective.  While he does not actually answer when, he does say “Stay Tuned”.  Check it out below:

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