HP iMC iPhone app

Well, everyone keeps talking about it.  It’s on the web site, and in the documentation.  A mobile app for HP’s iMC?  View alarms and device details?  Sign me up.  But, just EXACTLY where is it??

Some HP Solution Architects (Thanks Kurt Weil and @netmanchris) pointed me to the following link:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imc-manager-client/id488031041?mt=8

So, I installed it and started looking around.  This is a needed app, as many techs and engineers are usually up and around.  Either in server rooms, wiring closets, or meetings.  Wouldn’t it be nice to just look at the latest alarms to see what’s going on?  Check your network stats at your favorite cafe?  Reviewing alarms during a boring *ahem*… important meeting?  Well, that’s what the iPhone app gives you.

Unfortunately, that’s all it gives you.  While it is available for both the iPad and iPhone, the behaviors of the app are pretty limited.  It is really meant to give you an initial status of your devices, and from that standpoint, it does a great job.  Viewing devices and alarms is what it does best.  I’m hoping that new versions will give us the ability to acknowledge and recover alarms (a critical action, in my opinion).  But, it does not look like this app is very active in development.  The last update was in March 2012 (as of this writing) and was only for internationalization.

In talking with HP, this app really stemmed from a developer who just wanted to get something out there.  A proof-of-concept, as it were.  Concept or not, it works.  It hasn’t crashed on me yet, though, there is the occassional choppy scrolling in large lists.  Concept has been proven!  We want more! ((grin))

The only cool factor (and it is pretty cool), is the ability to gain access to your device through the app.  Telnet and SSH get proxied through the iMC to your phone.  It’s a little cumbersome to manage, but works for those that do not use iSSH.

If I had my utopia, I would want iMC notifications to provide a link to the alarm.  If you click on the link in the iPhone, it will auto-open the alarm inside the app (since the app allows you to store your credentials), where we can acknowledge it, and start working.

Overall, it’s a great start, and looking forward to more.  That’s right HP, I’m assuming you ARE going to do more, right?  ((wink)).

Do you use iMC?  If not, what are your favorite mobile NMS apps?  Do tell!




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