HP Eats Own Dog Food to Prove Moonshot

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During the keynote at HP Discover 2014, Meg Whitman goes on to tell the story about HP Moonshot.  The hp.com website receives a staggering 300M hits per day.  In order to run at that scale, it took 25 cabinets of servers to handle those requests.

Enter Moonshot.  HP claims that using Moonshot servers uses 89% less energy, 80% less space, and 97% less complex.  However, those claims are hard to swallow, so they set out to prove it.  They migrated their entire web farm to Moonshot servers, decreasing their datacenter footprint from 25 cabinets down to 3 cabinets, and, as HP put it in the keynote, “using enough power to run a handful of light bulbs”.  Quite hard to swallow, but HP did it.

HP Moonshot Server Cartridges HP Moonshot Server Chassis

In the images above, you can see the individual Proliant server cartridges.  The 4.3U chassis can support up to 45 server cartridges of varying server types (up to 4 servers per cartridge), including Atom, AMD, and Texas Instruments very-low-power processors.  Between the cartridges are the Moonshot-45G switches, offering dedicated 1Gb throughput to each server cartridge.

Need a starter kit?  HP has server cartridges to fit your needs, including Web Servers and Virtual Desktops.

Indeed, if you have a project on your table to decrease your cooling and power requireements, while still maintaining a high-scale performance system, Moonshot should be on your list of products to look at.  Not sure if it works?  HP did it.

Disclaimer:  HP sponsored my trip to HP Discover 2014.  However, the ideas, opinions, and writing are my own.  I was under no obligation on what to write or how to write it.  The topics written are of my own interest and choice.  I assure, that the accuracy of this post is valid as of the time of this writing, but cannot be held liable for the products, services, or data given by the company.
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