HP Comware – Can’t Backspace in iTerm

Here’s an annoying little nugget of knowledge:  If you find yourself telnet’ing into a comware device (in my case, an HP 5820 switch), and you can’t backspace a character, don’t try to change your terminal emulation.  It’s not that. smiley  

Technically, you just need to do a “CTRL + H” to do it.  Annoying, right?  Well, here’s how you fix it in iTerm.  Create a profile for the Comware switches.  Choose the “Keys” tab, and select “Backspace sends ^H”.  

Thanks for that HP.  I’m sure there is a really good and justifiable reason for this.  But, I really don’t care what that is.  It should just “work” without any tweaks.  It works with Cisco (yes, I *went* there). 

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