GoDaddy Jump Ship

GoDaddy has truly caused their own problems with their support of the SOPA bill.  After declaring support, they lost approx 40,000 domains and the number could be as high as 70,000 domains according to

Personally, I received a call on Tuesday from GoDaddy customer service.  The first time in 3 years, asking me if I'm happy with the service.  I asked him if the call had anything to do with the 40,000 domains that jumped ship.  Of course, he could not say.

Since then, GoDaddy has removed their support of SOPA, but it's too late for many.  Just by declaring the support in the first place tells everyone where GoDaddy stands.  Their removal of the support is nothing more than their attempt to keep customers from leaving, but doesn't change the fact that GoDaddy wants SOPA.

As far as SOPA goes, I can understand the need for such a bill.  Piracy really has gone viral.  However, they (the US Gov't) have been trying to pass bills like this for the last 3-4 years.  They keep getting delayed or turned down, because there just is not a good way to enforce it.

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