Flickr VS Instagram

Everyone remembers Flickr, right?  It used to be the primo photo sharing service out there.  But, it was complex, slow to learn, and even slower to share.  It really had a “Photographer” feel to it.  In other words, if you weren’t in the profession, Flickr didn’t feel right.

When initially started, Instagram took off like wildfire?  Why?  It was easy.  You take a picture, put a filter on it, and post it.  Simple.  And people love simple.  So, why change?

If memory services, back in December of 2012, Instagram worded their new terms of services in a way that would allow them to use your photos for advertising, and possibly even sales.  Would they?  Who knows… but the legal jargon allowed them to.  So, lots of people went into an uproar about it and got Instagram to put things back.

In my opinion, the damage was done.  Then, it got me thinking about copyright, and how I loved the idea that Flickr gave me copyright options (Creative Commons).  But, why would I go back to Flickr?  It was not exactly easy.  But, oh, so it is.  They learned from Instagram and made their own mobile app just as easy (but using “advanced” can give you the more control).  Click, Filter, Publish.  Done!  Need to share it to Facebook or Twitter or <insert social network service>?  Yep, you can do that too.  You can even embed the images into a website: 

Instagram iPhone publish

But, if you want to get more detailed, in the same post, you can filter, tag, assign sets, to multiple images at the same time.  You can also browse your “contacts” images like Instagram. 

While I am still learning and getting a “feel” for Flickr, I really like the changes, and have already started moving my images over.  Will you?  Tell me your thoughts.

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