Do you have Cloud Credibility?

A few weeks ago, I was browsing Google+, and noticed that the Nashville VMUG community was posting various things to a site called “Cloud Credibility”.  Of course, I get a little curious, and click on the link.  No, I was not transported to a virtual world where I would only have to take the red pill and do cool moves (sigh).  But, I did reach a site that was pretty cool.

VMware recently published a site called “Cloud Credibility”.  It’s a social task site, built to get you familiar with current cloud concepts and technologies.  At the same time, it gives you recognition among your peers on how much you already have done and know.  For example, if you are a blogger, you might want to do task 405 “Share a blog post that talks about a free service that an SMB could use” for 200 points.  Or, maybe you want to start slow and do task 548 “Read the blog post ‘Five reasons why VMware Virtualization is bettern than Microsoft Hyper-V‘” for 30 points.

Getting points is only one perk.  Based on the number of points you receive, you can get stuff too.  Initially, you will get a pen, ball cap, t-shirt, etc.  But, when you start really collecting the points, the rewards get much higher.  Join up!  Collect some points, some cool prizes, and learn!

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