Custom Functions for HP IMC

One of the best features of HP’s Intelligent Management Center is not that it’s modular and can do so many different things.  It’s not that it’s scalable, and can handle tens of thousands of managed devices.  It’s not even it’s alarming and event system.  No, the best feature of HP’s IMC, is that you can do things that it wasn’t programmed to do.

Take this use case for example.  As a network administrator, you are constantly being blamed for poor access into the network.  After drinking 3 cups of coffee and reviewing everything at your desk, you see nothing wrong.  So, you decide to step out of your comfortable chair to go to the location with the problem.  Upon arriving, you notice that there are 5 computers plugged into an old 10/100 hub that someone found lying around.

You decide it’s time to take action, and start setting port-limits on your access-layer switches.  In the course of a week, you realize that you should set your mac-learning tables per port to limit 2 devices, since many of your users use a VoIP phone in-line with their workstation.  But, how do you do this?  SSH into every switch?  What if there are exceptions?  Do you teach your helpdesk crew how to access a switch and change it?  Do you trust them?

But, wait!!  You have HP IMC to manage your network.  Why not have it schedule your changes to all your switches simultaneously and after-hours?  Better yet, why not give a pretty point-and-click interface for your helpdesk team to use?  And, when you are done, have it backup the configuration.

That is EXACTLY what Lindsay and I are showing at HP Discover!  It’s a little overwhelming at first, but once you learn how the XML files are structured, and can write TCL scripts, you’ll be extending IMC to no end!  

If you missed the class at HP Discover in Vegas, we are hoping to be doing the same thing in Barcelona.  In the mean-time, you can review my flow chart below.  This shows how all the files are related.  Believe it or not, what you see below is 98% of what you need to do, in order to accomplish my use-case above!  No, I’m serious!  Pretty cool, huh?  Just a few files in the right places, a script, and VOILA!


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