Creating a Network Status Page in OpenNMS

There have been a few questions, occasionally, asking how to get users to view the “overview” or “status” page of OpenNMS, without actually logging in.

Well, the easiest for me, was to just design my own status page for my users. This way, I just sent a SQL query, and formatted the results. All you have to do, is just look at the ‘outages’ table, and return the data where the ‘ifregainedservice’ is null. This will return current outages, just like this:

select * from outages where ifregainedservice is "";

Of course, this won’t give you everything. That will just give you the IP Address of the device and the time it went down. You’ll want to join using either nodeid for Node-level data, or serviceid for Service-level data, or both.

Why do I call that simple? I mean, you have to design your own web page, write the database access, etc etc. Well, I’m making an assumption that if you are large enough business to warrant a self-access status page, then you are large enough to have an existing Internet or Portal, which pretty much already gives you this framework.

I could be wrong, in which case, I apologize. Maybe you can just write up a quick query in MS Access?

Of course, my number one request is to enable OpenNMS with WebServices. How cool would that be?? To make a web-request for the network latency graph, and plug it into your Portal? Sweeeet!


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