Collecting Cisco ASA VPN Tunnels on HP IMC

Just got asked the question on how I collected and graphed the number of active IPSec VPN Tunnels on my Cisco ASA with the HP IMC (Intelligent Management Center).  The OID I am collecting on is the number of active Phase1 IKE Tunnels: 


Here is a screenshot of my Performance Index that I’m collecting:


After that, click the TEST button at the bottom of the screen.  Type the IP Address of the ASA that you want to collect from and choose “Resolve”.

Once it resolves, you should see the instance populate from the data you input from the last screen.  Choose “Start” to make sure it’s getting the data. 


Wait a few seconds for the data to start collecting.  Once it looks good, choose “Stop” to stop collecting data.  Then click “Back” to go back to your definition settings, and click “Apply”.  Done!


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