Cisco OnePK Topology

In my last post, I showed you how to get Cisco’s free OnePK all-in-one VM to run inside Parallels for your testing.  I needed an easy-to-read topology map for quick reference as I do my tests.  The topology map that Cisco put in their documentation is less than ideal.  Below is my diagram.  Some quick notes:

The brown ethernet segment ( is the VM Guest segment.  This allows you to access the routers from within the VM using the static IP’s assigned to the interfaces.

The red ethernet segment (ETH1 / DHCP) is a DHCP-based segment for the VM Host.  This allow you to access the routers from outside the VM (i.e. your laptop/desktop hosting the VM, whether it’s in Parallels, VMware, Virtual Box, etc).  Because it’s DHCP, you’ll need to identify the IP each time, though, I’m sure you can statically set it later.


Cisco All-in-One Topology 3Node (Click to Enlarge)

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