Blurb: Free Ethernet Connectivity Poster

Fluke Networks has created a 24″ x 36″ Network Connectivity Poster for anyone that would register for it (it has a 4-8 week shipping time).  No doubt, you’ll be put on a mailing list for some of their uber-cool network testing equipment, but the poster is free nonetheless.  While it is a very basic poster, it could come in handy.  If you manage a team of junior professionals wanting to learn more (i.e. helpdesk technicians, or interns), this poster would be a great fit.

I, myself, have registered to receive one, to put in my team’s workroom to help them out.  If nothing else, it will give them a reference to make CAT5/6 cables. :)

However, if you don’t want to register for the print, you can always download it here:

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