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    IBM Blu Acceleration – Fast and Easy


    IBM Blu – Very Fast – Very Easy – Very Cool When I was first asked “Have you heard of IBM Blu?”, I immediately thought that was a redundant statement. Everyone knows that IBM is also known as “Big Blue”, so I was a little caught off guard. But, after doing a little digging and…

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    HP Eats Own Dog Food to Prove Moonshot


    During the keynote at HP Discover 2014, Meg Whitman goes on to tell the story about HP Moonshot.  The hp.com website receives a staggering 300M hits per day.  In order to run at that scale, it took 25 cabinets of servers to handle those requests. Enter Moonshot.  HP claims that using Moonshot servers uses 89%…

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    HP Announces New High-Performance Compute Platform


    All day, near the High-Performance booth at HP Discover 2014, there is a shrouded case wrapped with a big red ribbon, similar to what you would see on the “new car” gifts in movies that never happens. “Wait until the Keynote” says everyone. During the Keynote, a quick video (less than a minute) was played showing…

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    HP IMC Topology Views


    The topology screens on HP’s Intelligent Management Center can be fun, informative, and very intuitive for lower-skilled technicians.  Granted, I’m not one for alot of eye-candy.  Having graphical representations on a wall or screen is not very informative for me personally.  I’d rather see an alarm or event listing.  But, from a technical support standpoint,…

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